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Farnwell Ellsmere Stauffer & Fern Elizabeth Cline Stauffer Click for More

Farnwell and Fern Stauffer are current residents of Sun City West Arizona. They were both 87 years old this year, 2009, and are still living life to the fullest. Farnwell still plays golf and Fern is an avid swimmer. My mothers sister, Helen Spellmeyer lives nearby and she and Fern often enjoy breakfast on Thursday mornings after Helen gets her hair done. Helen was 90 this year.

Farnwell was born June 24, 1922 in Dixon, Illinois. Fern Cline was born August 18, 1922. Bud, as my father came to be known, worked at the local soda shop while attending Dixon High School. He was recognized as being a very intelligent and forthright young man. One of his patrons recognized his abilities and recommended he attended college. Because of him my fatherwas able to attend Bradley University in Peoria Illinois on a scholarship. After 2 years he transferred to Purdue University. He was in the ROTC, as was customary in those days.In 1945 Farnwell was called to duty and served as an MP on the island of Sai Phan. Fern had just left visiting her sister in California when Bud came back on leave. Knowing that Fern was the one for him, he called his mother and father in Dixon, Illinois, and asked them to bring Fern to the their house. Bud made the phone call that would change their lives. Fern quickly packed her things and flew back to Glendale, California, where she married Farnwell on February 15, 1945 at the Little Church of the Flowers in Forest Lawn. After the war Bud finished his college studies at Purdue University and received a Degree in Electrical Engineering. He and Fern began raising a family in Dixon after his graduation.


Click Here For More Charles Lee Stauffer

Charles Lee Staufferwas born December 31, 1883 in Pine Creek, Ogle County, Illinois. In his younger years he helped on his fathers farm and taught school. The schoolhouse is still standing today at the corner of Pines and Anterier Roads just outside of White Pines State Park. He marriedGoldie Mae Bovey, born May of 1886, on December 7, 1904 in Polo, Illinois. Charles school teaching ended when he took up religious studies. He became a minister sometime after.

Federal Census records of 1910 show Charles, age 25 and Goldie age 23 living in Hancock Illinois. In 1916 at the age of 33 there is a record of his World War I draft regististration in Ogle County. Federal Census records of 1930 show Charles, Goldie, Bernice 18 and Farnewll 8, living in Hoisington Kansas. When the depression of 1933 came, churches were no longer able to afford a ministers salary and Charles and his family to returned to Dixon, Illinois. His brother-in-law Dave Bovey sold him the house he owned on Summit drive where Golie's parents were living. They lived together with them in the house. He became a groundskeeper at the Chapel Hill Cemetery, and a truck farmer, selling his fresh vegetables to the local grocery stores. Goldie sold her fresh baked pies and cakes.

He was at one time the minister of the Christian church in Dixon, but at some point he and the church parted ways. During the time he was preaching, he and his wife Goldie became good friends with the mother of Ronald Reagan. She was a devout member of his parish. He and Goldie visited Mrs. Reagan while she was living near her son in California.

As his son Farnwells (Bud) family began to grow, they needed more space than an apartment above the funeral home, so Bud and Charles built them a house. It was behind the home of Bernice Stauffer Cox, and down the road from Charles and Goldies.

Charles enjoyed cigars, and kept them in a round silver humidor by his favorite chair. Goldie was always busy washing clothes and hanging them on the line, canning, cleaning or baking. She made some of the best apples and cherry pies, and always kept a glass cookie jar of fig newtons on the kitchen table.

Charles Lee died after a stroke on March 19, 1966 and was laid to rest at Chapel Hill. Goldie Mae passed away December 29, 1967 and was laid to rest beside her husband of 61 years.


George Washington Stauffer Click Here for More

George Washington Stauffer was born February 27, 1849 in Stark County Ohio. His father John moved the family to Elkhart County Indiana by wagon when George was a boy. His older brother Peter died on the road. He spent most of his boyhood in Indiana, and is listed on the 1860 census of Baugo township with 9 of his brothers and sisters. About 1865, he moved with his family to Ogle County, Illinois. He was 15 years old. He purchased 80 acres at the corner of Lowell Park Road and Pennsylvania Corners.

On March 20, 1873 he married Rebecca Diehl in Ogle County Illinois. Rebecca Diehl was born January 20, 1856 in Carol County, Maryland. The Federal Census of 1910 shows a record of George 61, Rebecca55, and Mary Susan Stauffer Branter 19, living in Polo, Illinois, Ogle County. They had 6 children: Charles Lee Stauffer, David Stauffer, Harry W. Stauffer, Ada May Stauffer, Clinton Stauffer and Mary Stauffer.

Rebecca Diehl died January 21, 1917 in Polo, Illinois. George died June 3, 1924 in Polo, Illinois. Both are buried in the Pine Creek Bretheren Cemetery on Anterier Road with their daughter Ada May.


Click Here for MoreJohn Ensminger Stauffer

John E. Stauffer son of Christian Stauffer was born November 27, 1819 in Jonestown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. He was named after his mother Christiana Ensminger. He moved with his father and mother by wagon to Stark County Ohio in 1833. On August 14, 1842 he married Sarah Rebecca Haight in Ohio. The Federal Census of 1860 shows John and Rebecca living in Baugo Township, Elkhart County, Indiana with 8 of their 12 children. Shortly after the Civil War the family moved to Pine Creek Township, Ogle County Illinois. John purchased 80 acres of which he farmed until he retired in 1880, and moved to Polo Illinois. He rented his farm to his son Daniel who later purchased the land upon his fathers death. The Federal Census of 1900 shows John and Rebecca living in Buffalo Township, Ogle County Illinois in the town of Polo. He was 80 years old and Rebecca was 75. Their youngest daughter Anna, 25 lived with them. John and Rebecca lived in Polo, Illinois until their death. They are both buried in the Fairmount cemetery in Polo north of town on IL Route 26.





Christian Stauffer

Christian Stauffer, the third of the children of John and Margaret Bart Stauffer, was born April 29, 1798 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Like his brothers and sisters he was brought up by strangers after the death of his mother and possibley the death of his father. Two accounts exist, that he was adopted by his uncle Henry Stauffer of Franklin County and the other that he was taken in by Phillip Stein and learned the hatters trade. It is possible that both are correct. He was adopted by Henry and then went to work for Phillip Stein, a hatter by trade in Annville Pennsylvania, in whose family may have lived for several years.  The quaint old stone house in which the business was carried on for two generations is still standing in Annville, on the principal street of the town. 

While learning his trade, he formed the acquaintance of Christiana Ensminger, who was the living with her married sister, Mrs. Catherine Miller at that time residing two miles south of Annville.  Christian Stauffer and Christiana Ensminger were married in the Lutheran and Reformed Church in Annville, December 31, 1818.

Christiana was the daughter of Peter Ensminger, a man of great moral and intellectual force, and an astronomer of considerable note in his day, and a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. His scarred face eloquently testified to his love of country.  The young couple began housekeeping at Jonestown, Lebanon county.  From there they moved to Meyerstown, seven miles east of Lebanon.  Here he carried on his trade for some years.  From this place they moved to Palmyra, on the Reading and Harrisburg Pike.  From this place they moved to Spring Creek or Derry Church, Dauphin county, where they bought a small farm just outside of the village.  From this place they moved by wagon to Stark county, Ohio, early in the spring of 1833.  They settled first at Newman’s creek and later on bought a farm five miles northwest of Massillon on which Paul’s Station is now situated.  Here they lived till the spring of 1856, when they moved to Fairhope, Stark county, between Canton and Louisville.  Christian died December 26, 1862.  Christiana died June 16, 1875.  Both were members of the Lutheran Church during the earlier part of their married life.  In fact, all of the children except two were christened in that faith.  The probability is that Christian, in spite of his Mennonite training was induced by his wife to enter the Lutheran Church about the time of their marriage.  However that may be, Christian never was an ardent Lutheran, and both were converted to the belief of the church called Bretheran in Christ or “River Brethern” in 1839.  In this change Christian took the initiative and his wife followed him only after a stern inward protest and much misgiving and heaviness of heart.  In this denomination he found ample scope for the use of his talents as a preacher, in which capacity he served for about fifteen years.  During a part of this time he was bishop of the congregations of three counties.


John Stauffer

I believe John Stauffer born July 24, 1767 is the 6th generation back of the Stauffer family.  I find John to be the most elusive.  I have searched twice for his grave around Annville, PA, and have come to the conclusion that he was buried somewhere else, or that his grave marker is unreadable.  It is also possible that he was buried in a cemetery in Annville that was moved. Th records are not complete as many of the stones were unreadable. 

I have two stories about him and I am not sure which is correct.  One says that he came by ship, the Crawford, in 1772 with his father Michael of whom little is know other than there was a Michael on that ship and there is a census record of a Michael in Philadelphia County, Philadelphia in 1772. 

The other is that he was the son of Christian Stauffer whose father Johannes Stauffer came to America on the ship the Virtuous Grace with his brother Christian in 1737.  Christian has not been satisfactorily identified in the 1790 census of Pennsylvania unless he is erroneously given as Christopher Stowfer, of Dauphin County, with a family consisting of two males over 16, and three males under 16, and five females.  Next door was a John Stowfer, who conceivably might be Christian’s brother or son.

John was married to Margaret Bart about 1793 and settled near Campbelltown, Pennsylvania on the Horseshoe Pike where all their children were born.  He seems to have had no particular trade, but to have been able to turn his hand to almost any kind of work.

Margaret Bart Stauffer, the mother of these children, died in 1804, which made it necessary for the father to break up the home and secure homes for his children among strangers.  John died of lockjaw, caused by the bite of a hog in 1810. 


Christian Stauffer

Christian Stauffer was born July 31, 1744, presumably at Warwick Township, Lancaster County, and died presumably near Annville, Lebanon Township, Dauphin County, in February 1795. His will was probated March 12, 1795. He married, according to the family Bible, a copy of which is filed with the DAR Library, Washington, D.C., Veronica Hostetter. The will dated May 24, 1784, mentions wife Veronica and brother-in-law Henry Ober.

Christian and his brother Jacob are mentioned in the will of their father John. In 1767, just following their father's decease, they quit claimed all interest in their fathers property.