Descendants of Christian Stauffer


John E. Stauffer retired farmer and member of the German Baptist or Bunkard Church.

Born Jonestown, Lebanon county, Pennsylvania November 27, 1819.

Died Polo, Illinois July 5, 1902.

Married Rebecca Haight, August 14, 1842 who died September 12, 1901 in Polo

Susanna Stauffer was never married and died some year ago at an advanced age near Constantine, Michigan St. Joseph County..

Born May 27, 1821

Elizabeth Stauffer

Born October 15, 1822

Married Samuel Pontius and had 10 children.

Married 2nd time to Cornelius Pontius January 7, 1866

Catherine Stauffer - is now a widow and member of the United Brethren Church and lives near Copley, Ohio.

Born September 10, 1824

Married Samuel Rothrock December 25, 1845

Died 1923

William Stauffer died in infancy

Born December 13, 1825

Henry Stauffer

Born January 30, 1827

Married Mary Dohner in 1848

Died the fall of December 6, 1857

David E. Stauffer retired farmer and lives in Fairhope Ohio.

Born February 16, 1829

Married Elizabeth Ensminger October 3, 1850

Married 2nd time to Mrs. Catherine Myers June 22, 1882

Christian Stauffer retired farmer member of the Brethren in Christ and lives in Easton, Ohio

Born February 9, 1831

Married Catherine Zeider (now deceased) October 14, 1852

Peter E. Stauffer a farmer and member of the Congregational Church and lives in Eddy, Indiana

Born September 6, 1832

Married Mrs. Elizabeth Rohrer (now deceased) February 1, 1855

Married 2nd time to Mary J. Grise (now deceased) September 6, 1870

Married 3rd time to Mrs. Mary C. D(B)are December 18, 1881

Jacob E. Stauffer retired farmer and minister of the Brethren in Christ, living in Newton Kansas.

Born July 22, 1834

Married Barbara Hoffman (now deceased) March 22, 1855

Married 2nd time to Mary Rice (now deceased) November 6, 1873

Married 3rd time to Mrs. Elizabeth E. Bowers June 21, 1892

Samuel Stauffer died in infancy

Born September 23, 1836

Died September 1, 1837

Daniel Stauffer farmer and fruit grower and member of the Methodist Church and lives in Constantine, Michigan.

Born August 3, 1843

Married Mary L. Balmer October 21, 1869