Christian Stauffer

Born: 7/31/1744

Warwick, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Death: February 1795 near Annville, Lebanon Township, Dauphin Co. - will probated March 12, 1795
Married: March 2, 1766 Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Veronica Franey Hostetter                        Born: 1746       Died 1788
John Stauffer                                        Born: 7/24/1767
Jacob Stauffer                                       Born: 2/17/1769      Died: 1845
Henry Stauffer                                      Born: 1771 - 1828
Elizabeth                                               Born: 1774
Barbara Stauffer Doughterman            Born: 1777
Michael Stauffer                                   Born: 1781
Christian  Stauffer                                Born: 1794      Died: 1879
Abraham Hostetter Stauffer                 Born: March 9, 1785      Died: July 11, 1870

Abraham is buried in the Gingrich cemetery outside Annville, along with his wife Barbara. His grave and that of his wife are written in German. I was able to translate them to determine who they were. Barbara was born July 1, 1788 and died March 13, 1868. Abraham was 85 years, 4 mo. 1 day old.

According to adoption records guardianship of Christian was given to Jacob Stauffer of Lurgen Township, Franklin Co., and guardianship of Abraham was given to Barbara Stauffer and her husband Christian Doughterman.